Nib with heart-shaped hole
First famous nib with heart-shaped hole from the starting area 1929/1930. This nib would produced from Montblanc specially for Pelikan.

picture: J. Augustin
  Pelikan Nib 18 Karat
This nib was found at a model 101 red-tortoise.

  G.W.-Logo Günther Wagner
This nib also was found at a Pelikan fountain pen 100N bought in Great Britain.

Was this a nib specially produced for Great Britain?

a very flexible nib with two slits, specially made for musical notation

a stiff nib, used for making copies with carbon paper

  Rappen Nib
With the introduction of the Rappen pen at 1932 Pelikan has produced a special gold nib for this fountain pen line. There were different variations. In this picture:
"Rap-Pen - 585 - 14 Karat"

  IBIS Nib
With the introduction of the IBIS pen at 1936 Pelikan has produced a special gold nib for this fountain pen line. In this picture: Ibis logo with broken lines
"IBIS - 585 - 14 Karat"

  Taylorix Nib
The model 140 was also produced for Taylorix (account deparment company). In this picture a nib DO7: D = Durchschreibefeder, manifold nib, O = nib with left oblique point, 7 = width medium
"Taylorix - 585 - 14 Karat"

  Pelikan Nib
There are different Pelikan logos at the nibs. In this picture: Pelikan logo with broken lines
"Pelikan -14 - Karat - F "

  Pelikan Nib
Pelikan logo with compact lines. In this picture:
"Pelikan -585 - 14 Karat "

  Palladium Nib
White metal alloy (Pd-Ag) was the cheaper version against gold nibs. In the area from 1939 until 1946 together with Chrom Nickel (CN) it was the only alternate possibility.
"IBIS - (Pd)"

  Chrom Nickel (CN)-nib
This nib was found with a model 100 N in Italy. Perhaps it is from the Italian production (Milan). Who can give further details?

This nib was also found with a model 100 N. Who can give further details?

  Pelikan nib "Günther Wagner" (probably a sample)
According to an investigation such a nib would be produced as a sample, but no produced in a serial production.Please see next picture!

  Pelikan-nib "Günther Wagner"
found in a Pelikan model 400 (1950s) in France.
picture: Bruno Bodin

found at a Pelikan model 100N in Switzerland.