Indian ink
fountain pen

1934 - 1957

Pocket box; fountain pen and nibs

The Pelikan Graphos is an indian ink drawing pen for technical drawing for architects and engineers and for calligraphy also. The Graphos pen was sold in sets with one holder and a number of interchangeable nibs in different shape and widths. First models would produced from bakelit, later from black plastic.

Graphos Indian ink fountain pen approx. 1959

model barrel cap
Graphos plastic, black plastic, black

Graphos filling instruction

Indian ink fountain pen

1960 - 1981

Pocket box; Indian ink fountain pen and equipment

At the same time with the Indian ink fountain pen Graphos Pelikan produced another drawing set using cartidge fillig system named Graphos G2. A lot of "nibs" for writing and drawing were available.

Indian ink fountain pen Graphos G2 approx.1962

model barrel cap
Graphos G2 plastic, black plastic, grey

Graphos G2 image from the Pelikan catalog 1963

Indian ink fountain pen
Pelikan technos

1981 -

After the wellknown Graphos G2 Pelikan produced a developed Technical writing pen from 1981 at the market.

model barrel cap
Pelikan technos plastic, black plastic, transparent
Pelikan technos front plastic, transparent
barrel plastic, black
plastic, transparent

Technos Etui, Original
picture: Otto Lütkemeyer

Pelikan Technos, black and tranparent
picture: Otto Lütkemeyer